A Client’s Perspective on Culture Leadership

“We tackled a major culture project in our organization, only to find that what most needed changing were our senior- and middle-level leaders. This painful realization cleared a path for true leadership transformation. We couldn’t avoid looking in the mirror, and could no longer blame the company’s problems on the people who were simply doing what they were told. We had to become different, better leaders, and it didn’t happen overnight. We partnered with Culture Leaders to maintain resolve through a series of crises (including COVID), and committed to culture-aligned leader development.

“Our work with Culture Leaders helped us focus on the development of our senior leaders. We also, and invested in emerging leader development for middle managers. Both groups learned how they directly impact our performance culture, and committed to skilling up. As a result of our culture initiative, employee turnover has dwindled, we boosted internal promotions, and are doing ongoing capability development at all levels. Our leaders are more resilient, transparent, and supportive. We have learned that leadership isn’t about managing people, it’s about all of our employees being leaders.” – Chief Financial Officer