Assess & Evolve Culture

Organizational culture is widely recognized to be foundational to growth and performance. And a broken culture can thwart strategic initiatives and needed change.

Our working definition of culture:  The collection of beliefs, values, assumptions, and behaviors that create (or hinder) the performance climate of an organization.

These Case Studies highlight dramatic transformations of culture and performance.

(When reviewing a case study, just remember the more colorful the circumplex, the more robust the culture.)

Tackle Your Culture to Galvanize Performance

Launch your culture journey — create direction, and maintain momentum.

  • Size up and demystify culture, using a practical, proven approach
  • Invite all employees to design and power the culture journey
  • Strengthen your culture and leaders, together
  • Culture becomes a powerful tool to drive results

Contact us to design a culture journey that exceeds your goals.

What Clients Say About Culture

“Partnering with Culture Leaders, our tech team harnessed the power of culture in meeting the needs and expectations of our customers … The culture work truly transformed our operation, our people, and our performance.”

Chief Information Officer

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“Our senior leaders thought we had the culture we needed for the future. Culture Leaders, using data and wisdom, helped us see we had a very long way to go … Our beginning was a resounding success. We’re now on a new leg of that journey, as the changing world demands.”

COO, Financial Services

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