Linda Schaumann Reese, Ph.D.

Linda Reese is the CEO and Managing Partner of Culture Leaders, a management consulting firm specializing in culture-building, development of culture leadership, and executive onboarding. She holds a PhD in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, and uses a pragmatic approach in advising senior leaders.

She has led several large-scale culture development efforts in financial services, healthcare, and higher education organizations. Each with unique goals – some focused on building change-ready organizations, others on strengthening financial performance, and others on aligning diverse cultures during Mergers and Acquisitions activity.

In nearly every case, the clients augmented culture efforts by proactively building the culture leadership capabilities of emerging and senior leaders. And they committed to rooting new leaders deeply in the aspirational culture through executive onboarding coaching, early transition feedback, leadership development, and team alignment.

This focus has led to the development of powerful, validated new leader acceleration tools – from Culture Snapshot to LevelSet: Early Feedback. The insights produced allow leaders to make grounded, data-informed decisions that move their operations forward.

Linda specializes in supporting healthcare, higher education, manufacturing, and financial services organizations. She has deep expertise building culture leadership in physician leader, marketing, research, technology, operational, manufacturing, and engineering roles.

Since 2005, Linda and her team have focused on assessing, evolving, and sustaining robust organizational culture. Culture Leaders combines the art and science of culture development, allowing clients to target inclusive strategies that drive high performance and powerful outcomes.