About Us

We Build Culture and Leadership

In 1996, we came together to partner with clients to strengthen culture, build leadership capability, and foster rapid, smooth leadership transitions.

We believe that there is no “right” culture – that every organization has the potential to perform at a high level. In fact, a robust culture is predictive of high performance on the specific performance metrics that matter to you. A strong body of evidence, and data from validated tools, demonstrate the powerful connection between culture and performance. And we bring a proven track record of successful culture evolution.

Each organization brings strengths to their culture journey, and also faces unique challenges and barriers to robust culture and high performance. We partner with clients to develop and implement tailored, high-impact culture strategies. These culture journeys don’t happen overnight, require powerful culture leadership, and reap significant rewards.

We are a team of coaches and consultants with corporate leadership experience, extensive culture consulting, and academic preparation. We employ powerful tools and a methodology tailored to help clients achieve their goals and become their best selves — individually and collectively. And we’re committed to building internal capacity to sustain culture evolution, leadership development, and successful leader transitions.

Our clients span many industries, and we strategically focus on healthcare, higher education, and government.